107 Contour/Highlighter Brush

This exclusive dual-ended brush is used to pick up product and sweep over the skin for a natural look. Choose the soft, round end to softly apply, blend and diffuse product and the tapered end for more defined placement and precise application.

Great to use with: Contour/Highlight, Setting Powders, Liquid Foundation, Powder Blush, Cream Blush

201 Fan Highlighter Brush

Designed for the most delicate application of Blush, Bronze, and Shimmer Brick. It can be used to softly sweep away shadow fall out.

Great to use with: Powder Blush, Bronze, Shimmer Brick, Setting Powders

203 Dual Fiber Cheek Brush

Softly place color on cheeks or use for lightweight application of liquid and powder foundations.

Great to use with: Cream Blush, Powder Blush, Pressed Base, Loose Base, Liquid Foundation

401 Precision Lip Brush
Define and fill lips for a smooth even application of color.
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