Sunscreen + Primer Broad-Spectrum SPF 30

A dual-action physical sunscreen, with ZOX12™ complex to protect against the damaging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A rays, and from HEV light. This sunscreen hydrates and doubles as a makeup primer for a smooth matte finish, diminishing skin imperfections.

Appropriate for all skin types.

30 mL / 1 fl oz.

C E Ferulic

A daytime vitamin C serum that delivers advanced environmental protection and improves the appearance of lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, and brightens skin's complexion

Appropriate for normal to dry skin types.

30 ml / 1 fl oz

Exfoliation Accelerator

Brighten skin and unclog pores with this glycolic and lactic acid complex that exfoliates cells while also calming skin with a soothing blend of aloe, green tea and chamomile.

30 ml or 50 mL

Formerly known as Glycogent™ Exfoliation Accelerator

Smart Tone Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 50

Designed to blend into most skin tones, this ultra-lightweight sunscreen, featuring ZOX12™ complex protects against the aging effects from UVA/UVB and IR-A rays, and from high-energy visible (HEV) light.

Appropriate for all skin types.

45 mL / 1.5 fl oz.

Rozatrol $114.00

A treatment serum for red, sensitized skin, with ZO-RRS2™ complex that reduces excess surface oil to normalize skin, and exfoliates to prevent signs of premature aging.

Relieves symptoms associated with mild, moderate and severe rosacea.

50 mL / 1.7 Fl. Oz.

Phloretin CF

A daytime vitamin c antioxidant face serum designed to reduce the appearance of discolouration and pigmentation while also delivering advanced environmental protection, evening skin tone and diminishing the appearance of fine lines

Appropriate for normal to dry skin types.

30 mL / 1 fl oz.

Resveratrol B E from $99.00
Resveratrol B E

A nighttime antioxidant featuring concentrated 1% pure resveratrol to neutralize free radical damage, repair the visible effects of age-accelerated skin, and reveal visible radiance and firmness.

Appropriate for normal, dry, combination, and sensitive skin types.

30 mL / 1 fl oz.

Also available in a 15 mL travel-size.

from $99.00
AOX+ Eye Gel

A lightweight eye serum that provides advanced environmental protection around the eyes while reducing the look of puffiness, visible signs of fatigue, and under-eye circles

Appropriate for all skin types.

15 ml / 0.5 fl oz

Serum 10 AOX+

An introductory daytime vitamin C antioxidant serum that offers environmental protection while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Appropriate for all skin types (including sensitive skin).

30 mL / 1 fl oz.

Silymarin CF with FREE gift ($59 value)

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Vitamin C antioxidant serum with silymarin and ferulic acid provides environmental protection for oily and blemish-prone skin, reduces oiliness, refines skin texture, and visibly improves skin clarity and fine lines.

Appropriate for oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin types.

30 ml / 1 fl oz


Illuminating AOX Serum

Illuminating AOX Serum - A concentrated antioxidant serum that provides protection against pollution + premature signs of aging while visibly brightening the skin with a subtly luminous, soft-focus finish.

Appropriate for all skin types.

50 mL / 1.7 fl oz.

Rozatrol Serum Accelerated

Provides enhanced efficacy in the appearance of red and sensitized skin by restoring hydration to calm and soothe skin.

8 mL / 0.2 Fl. Oz.

Suitable red, sensitized skin, including rosacea.

50 mL Non-accelerated ZO Rozatrol is available here


Upgrade your anti-aging skincare routine with Vivier’s NEW QuintiSerum™, the quintessence of ageless skin. This antioxidant collagen booster firms and reduces signs of aging for younger-looking skin. Enriched with 15% Vitamin C, Vitamin E and 5 Peptides known to improve skin elasticity and promote collagen production for your most luminous youthful-looking skin. C the difference.

Ideal for normal to dry skin.

All Vivier Vitamin C Serums are oil-free, alcohol-free, hypoallergenic, paraben-free, non-comedogenic.

30 mL / 1 Fl. Oz.


SUNSCREEN + POWDER BROAD-SPECTRUM REFILL SPF 45 is powered by Triple-Spectrum Protection® and exclusive ZO® antioxidant technology to deliver superior skin defense with a hint of advanced color pigments.

Named one of the 15 Best Powder Sunscreens - Cosmopolitan

Named one of The 12 Best Powder Sunscreens, According to Dermatologists - Women's Health

This product consists of only the powder refill component to be used with your existing Sunscreen + Powder SPF 45.

Appropriate for all skin types.

Size: 2.8g

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