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Aggressive Anti-Aging Program
Customer (Gatineau, QC)
These products will exceed your anti aging expectations

Fabulous effective medical grade anti-aging product and fast service.
I love the hydrating cleanser and night pads. Are anti-aging masks also available?

10% Vitamin C Self-Activating
Gabrielle B. (Kamloops, BC)

10% Vitamin C Self-Activating

Multi-Therapy Hydroquinone Program Kit
Mignon R. (Georgetown, DE)
Love it!

My second time on this program, the first time was last fall and I have seen a significant improvement in my melasma. I am back on it a second time around, hopefully the remaining melasma goes permanently. I think this would be a yearly treatment for me, I love how it has cleared up my skin.

Mattifying Primer
Janelle W. (Vancouver, BC)

Although I liked the matte look at first, it started drying out my skin. By mid day my skin would become flaky and so dry. Also, the consistency of the product was super sticky and felt weird applying. All in all would not recommend.

C E Ferulic
D.T. (Surrey, BC)
Great customer service

Product was sent to me fast, really happy with the customer service. While this product is great, it was not meant for my blemish prone skin (my fault). I did see improvements on dark spots though!

Worth the money!

Was looking for an all mineral sunscreen and found this gem at anti-aging on sale, it was such a deal! Worth every penny. A little goes a long way.

Sheer Physical UV Defense SPF 50
Chi I.I. (Richmond, BC)
Great facial sunscreen

Non oily. It's invisible once I put it on. Got it for post bbl treatment. Worked great

Growth Factor Eye Serum
Kateri L. (Montreal, QC)
Growth Factor Eye Serum

J’utilise ce sérum pour les yeux le matin et je trouve que ça donne un petit pep au regard car hydrate super bien le dessous de l’œil. Aussi son application en métal permet de masser délicatement les poches sous l’œil et revitalise du même coup! J’aime bien ce produit

Complexion Clearing Masque
Riya S. (Burnaby, BC)
So good!

I have sensitive skin and had no issue with this mask. It helped to dry out my breakouts. Would definitely recommend!

Equalizing Toner
Amy M. (Kelowna, BC)
Fresh and clean

Love the way it makes my skin feel! Always fresh and clean!!

A.G.E. Interrupter
lucia z. (Vancouver, BC)
Product quality good

Quality is good

Lytera 2.0
Shauna Z. (Victoria, BC)
4th Bottle

I am 1/4 Irish an 1/4 Scottish and my face has always had freckles… only now I’m mid 40s and now they last through the winter and are age spots. This cream helps fade them. I have done fraxel and IPL and it gets rid of my spots but they come back at the slightest sun exposure (despite my wearing SPF daily) Lytera sort of fades and blends my spots. I use it at least once a day - morning or night, just depending and will continue to re-purchase. It’s one of my can’t live without products. Thank you Anti Aging Vancouver for having sales with very completive prices!!!

C E Ferulic
Charlene R. (Saskatoon, SK)
Skinceyticsls CE Ferulic

This is hands down the best vitamin c serum I’ve used (and I’ve tried a few). I’ve been using this one for two years now and wouldn’t go back to any other!

Dermal Repair Cream
Julie M. (Abbotsford, BC)

I am a fan of the Zo product line but wanted to try a vitamin C daily moisturizer, so ordered the Dermal Repair Creme from Skin Medica. I have only been using it for short amount of time, but it seems to work okay with my Zo products. I did get some breakouts when I started using it and that did not happen with the Zo products, but that is not uncommon when using a new product.
Personally, I am a fan of Zo products and if they would add a Vitamin C daily moisturizer I would probably order that instead of Skinmedica.

Customer service at Anti-Aging Vancouver is incredible and I recommend buying products from their online store because of the top notch service.

Antioxidant Lip Repair
J G. (Surrey, BC)
Works well!!

Great for the winter months or even all year around. I wear it throughout the day and pair it with a lip mask at night and it works wonderfully!

Retinol 1% Night Complex
Susan G. (Surrey, BC)
Love this!

Product goes on smoothly, using minimal amount. I’ve been using 2 weeks now, so bit early to notice effects, but certainly keeps my skin clear.

SkinCeuticals Retinol
Carmen B. (Toronto, ON)
SkinCeuticals Retinol

1% not available at the time of order, but I’m glad I settled on 0.5% after all. I’m going easy starting in on this product and always apply a moisturizer afterward. I use it twice a week and will increase gradually. Too soon to document any improvements after only one month but expecting great things from this reputable line

Sunscreen + Primer Broad-Spectrum SPF 30
Melanie H. (Stratford, ON)
Love the product. Hate the packaging

I absolutely love the sunscreen/primer in one. The coverage is beautiful and the product itself is lightweight. Unfortunately my pump broke after only using it a few days. Still waiting on a replacement.

C E Ferulic
Ramona L. (Surrey, BC)
CE F-or ME!

Love this stuff. Its pretty strong, especially after retinol but my skin really does look better when I use it. I went without it for quite some time and just reordered...and yup, skin is looking way better. Huh...guess I cant be without it!

C E Ferulic
Rachel J. (Vancouver, BC)
Great product!

The C E Ferulic is a staple in my skin care routine, and it definitely helps with my brown spots/sun damage. It also helps my sunscreen’s effectiveness! I wish they offered it in a smaller size, as the freshness is guaranteed for 3 months after opening and I find the bottle lasts me for closer to 5 or 6 months. Other than that it’s my favourite vitamin C serum!

Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50
Larraine K. (Abbotsford, BC)
SkinMedica Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50

This is the highest quality sunblock product I've ever used! The texture is smooth and disappears onto the skin - perfect for everyday use.

C E Ferulic
Lucy (Crossfield, AB)
C E Ferulic

The best one on the market!!!

Correct + Conceal
Tin (Vancouver, BC)
Amazing pimple cover

This product covers and tames my active pimple/s. I also use it as a base for my t-zone before putting sunblock, foundation or concealer, so as not to irritate my skin and prevent breakouts. I just wish that this comes in more shades (darker) to match my tanned skin in the summer.

Total Eye® Concentrate Kit
Amy K. (Spruce Grove, AB)
ZO Total Eye Concentrate Kit

Love it!!

H.A. Intensifier
H (Kelowna, BC)
H.A. Intensifier

Good for after vit c serums. Keeps hydrated and plumped.

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